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Blended Learning: The ingredients for a successful training course with VTS Editor

Blended Learning, why and how?

Blended learning can be defined as follows:
Blended learning refers to a pedagogy that mixes two modes of learning: online learning and face-to-face learning. This pedagogy puts the learner at the centre of their own development and encourages them to become more involved in their training by stimulating interaction with the trainer and colleagues.

According to this definition, the interesting thing about this learning method is that there is no strict rule about the balance between e-learning and face-to-face learning. Depending on the situation, most of the learning can be done online with some face-to-face sessions or vice versa. This is the case with the health crisis, where distance learning takes precedence over face-to-face learning.

However, can we still talk about a face-to-face/distance duality when the subject is Blended Learning in 2021?

Indeed, Blended Learning means by default a mix of training methods. And while face-to-face training is seen as the grail for allowing learners to practice in real-life situations, many tools have been developed to bypass the constraints of face-to-face training and to use digital technology as a real training tool. 100% digital blended learning has arrived! And VTS Editor is one of these tools that allows the learner to go from theory to practice on all media (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, tablet, VR)!

VTS Editor, the authoring tool for agile blended learning

In order to be implemented effectively, a Blended Learning course must demonstrate these three qualities: Efficiency, Optimisation, Dynamism.

Firstly, the course must be efficient, i.e. demonstrate the ability to meet the knowledge and skills needed by the learners. Secondly, the resources used to create the programme and those available to learners must be optimised to make it simple, accessible and above all coherent. Finally, it must be dynamic and evolve over time in line with technological innovations.

VTS Editor is an authoring software that allows you to combine these three qualities easily. Indeed, VTS Editor’s many features allow you to create the type of projects adapted to the needs of learners, whatever the chosen theme. The resources are managed directly in the software via advanced media management, and our teams continue to add new features every year so that educational designers can innovate and constantly evolve the course.

In addition, VTS Editor allows you to build an agile Blended Learning programme, whether it is punctuated by face-to-face or 100% distance training. The design possibilities are numerous:

  • Traditional SCORM e-learning for your LMS
  • Video Learning
  • Serious Games
  • Quizzes
  • Technical Training
  • Behavioural Simulation
  • And more!

Download the trial version VTS Editor now for free: