Serious Factory supports you in the digitalisation of your training

We support companies in their digital training transformation strategy. We design learning and training modules to create more engaging and memorable educational experiences.

Or call us on : +33 1 70 71 98 40

Or call us on :
+33 1 70 71 98 40

Développons le plaisir
de se former en entreprise

Serious Factory transforme vos formations en apprentissage plus agréable, personnel et contextuel pour vos équipes.

Nous développons le plaisir de se former en entreprise par l’immersion et la gamification pour décupler l’engagement apprenant et la rétention d’informations.

Des formations +
Nous créons des formations arborescentes qui poussent vos apprenants à rejouer les modules pour découvrir les autres alternatives
Parce que les histoires nous passionnent tous, nous intégrons du storytelling dans vos expériences pédagogiques
Nous intégrons des mécaniques de gamification ainsi que de l’immersion visuelle et sonore pour un meilleur engagement apprenant.
L’entraînement et la pratique en contexte permettent d’améliorer fortement la rétention pédagogique
Let's develop the pleasure of training at work

Serious Factory transforms your training into more enjoyable, personal and contextual learning experiences for your teams.

We develop the pleasure of learning in companies through immersion and gamification to increase learner engagement and information retention.

Trainings that are more
We create tree-based training courses that encourage your learners to replay modules and discover other alternative choices.
Because we are all passionate about stories, we integrate storytelling into your learning experiences
We integrate gamification mechanisms as well as visual and audio immersion for a better learner engagement.
Training and practice in context greatly improve learning retention.
Who are we?
A multidisciplinary team of specialists

The company is made up of talents from various backgrounds: industry, software publishing, health communication agencies, video games, consulting, training, digital learning, etc.

Those many different profiles ensure Serious Factory a powerful expertise in order to produce more versatile solutions and be a force of proposal regardless of your area of activity.

Case studies

“We went from 7% engagement to 67% thanks to Serious Factory”

Raising awareness of good cyber security practices among 86,000 employees through role-playing”

“93% of the Medical Representatives have trained several times on the simulator
(more than 13 times on average)”

Train learners better through the enjoyment of learning and manage skill acquisition better by collecting qualitative KPIs

To succeed in your training objectives and grow, you need to assess the level of your teams before, during and after each training course…
Without this essential step, you will not be able to measure the evolution of your teams’ skills.

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    Or call us on : +33 1 70 71 98 40

    Over 100,000 users are successful with Virtual Training Suite

    Over 100,000 users
    are successful with
    Virtual Training Suite


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