Train and learn anywhere,
anytime, on any device and in offline mode.

The promise of Mobile Learning is now a reality with VTS Player.

Thanks to our free VTS Player app, you can now offer learning experiences adapted to the new habits of learners: they can now train in comfort, in transit, basically anywhere they want, whether they are connected the internet or in airplane mode - on all devices: PC, MAC, digital tablets and smartphones.

How it works?

Courses to the VTS Player app through VTS Perform

Open the VTS Player app

Then download the simulations with one click

Enjoy learning
Anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Even underground or above the clouds!

Mobile Learning offers new opportunities to learn and train, anywhere and anytime, reducing training costs for the company. Trainers can rely on digital devices provided by the company or the 'Bring your own device' method to boost their training and offer new ways of training efficiently while keeping learners engaged and in some cases (depending on the simulation designer/creator) entertained.

Guaranteed interactivity. Interactivity = higher chances of knowledge being well retained.

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