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Showcase your own production!

by Potentially you!

Why showcase your project in our “Made with VTS” section: Serious Factory is well known in the digital training market. This page will gradually become a showcase of the achievements of the best experts on VTS Editor. Organizations looking for such expertise will then be able to contact you directly!


! Technical prerequisites

We will draw up a list of the technical prerequisites for your experience for you!

! Qualitative prerequisites

The implementation of your experience in the “Made with VTS” section is subject to validation by our teams in order to keep a qualitative level up to the expertise of our community!


Main features used

Scenario in figures

Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Number of blocks used in your scenario
Number of backgrounds used in your scenario
Number of characters used in your scenario

A description of your company and your activity will accompany your realization, with a direct link to your website! This page becomes a real communication vector for you and your company!

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