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Once upon a time in Le Village

by Serious Factory

The simulation scenario: One night you fall asleep in front of your computer in the middle of a design on VTS Editor. You wake up in a mysterious village in which you will have to investigate to understand the end of the story. Attention to detail and mutual help are two qualities you will have to show! This on-boarding program has been created for the release of our community website The Village by Serious Factory in order to highlight its features in a fun and playful way.


! Technical prerequisites

For an optimal reading experience, use the most recent PC and MAC browsers :
. • Mozilla Firefox: version 42 or higher
• Microsoft Edge: version 13 or higher
• Google Chrome: version 46 or higher
• Apple Safari: recent version

If you do not have the possibility to use a browser other than those mentioned below, contact us so that we can propose a deployment solution adapted to your needs :
• Microsoft Internet Explorer: any version
• All other browsers not specified above
• Hybrid tablets are officially not compatible since performance can be random


Main features used

Scenario in figures

Clickable areas
1391 Blocs used
25 background
12 characters

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