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Distribution and Specialized Distribution: the steps to a successful customer experience

by Serious Factory

The Simulation scenario : The learner is put in a situation in a telephone store. He plays a trainee who has just arrived and discovers the tricks of in-store sales. First of all, it deals with the shelving. In a second step, he or she receives a prospect with a strong personality and must manage the entire sales process.





I really believe in the relevance of this type of pedagogical approach as a digital extension to face-to-face training, allowing us to evaluate a level of competence on a given topic; in this case, sales. These realistic simulations correspond to what is closest to what we learn in the field, and therefore, necessarily, it has more resonance within the teams and favors, on the management side, the possibility to coach even better and, on the trainer side, to promote engaging and fun experiences. Learning through games is a notion that is addressed to all kinds of people, regardless of their age or level of experience? It is a deep human characteristic!

Mourad Benmouhoub, Head of the sales division – FNAC DARTY



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