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Press releases

Serious Factory attends CES with VR Serious Gaming

Expert in immersive learning, Serious Factory presents a solution to create serious games in VR through drag-and-drop.

Serious Factory launches version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software

Allowing users to design simulators and Serious Games in record time, Serious Factory is releasing version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software onto the Digital Learning market.

Serious Factory is enhancing its authoring software VTS Editor by integrating new high-quality synthetic voices

Serious Factory is announcing the integration of ReadSpeaker speech synthesis technology to meet the growing need for innovative and immersive learning within the context of increasingly realistic training.

Serious Factory improves the user and learning experience with version 2.3 of its VTS Editor authoring software

Serious Factory announces the release of version 2.3 of VTS Editor, its authoring software for the design of value-added digital learning modules (e.g. serious immersive games, realistic simulations).

Serious Factory and Manpower France are co-constructing innovative educational tools with the VTS Editor authoring software

In order to easily and simply design realistic simulations, Serious Factory has implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Manpower France.

Serious Factory is pleased to announce the release of the 2.2 version of its VTS Editor authoring software

Fully answering the needs of training and HR organizations both functionally and for the quality of produced simulations, Serious Factory now offers new interaction solutions with learners and enhances user experience.

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