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Press releases

Serious Factory produces the first Virtual Learning platform for Kahler Communication’s Process Communication Model®

Kahler Communications, a specialist in personal development and communication training, has chosen Serious Factory, EdTech’s leader in digital learning, to produce PCM Virtual Learning, an interactive virtual learning experience to showcase its model for building positive communication and strengthening relationships with others.

Serious Factory integrates the “Microsoft for Startups” program to accelerate Transmission of Knowledge

Serious Factory, EdTech leader in Immersive Learning, has been selected by Microsoft to integrate its “Microsoft for Startups” program. The publisher of the Virtual Training SuiteTM software solution has seduced the American giant with its innovative technical solution that supports companies in their digital transformation, through the development of skills, careers and creativity in Marketing, Branding and Communication.

Serious Factory and Thales Group partner up to create Serious Games for the purpose of immersive learning around HSE politics

Serious Factory implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Thales Group in order to ease the design of realistic 3D simulations. Through an agile design process, Thales Group’s business experts teamed with Serious Factory’s experts in education and gamification, to develop immersive training simulations using the VTS Editor authoring software, Serious Factory’s flagship product.

Serious Factory and BPI Group co-design behavioural simulations to develop technical and soft skills through training

The two firms have used their expertise in Human Resources to boost on-site training sessions for a major global aerospace group, with the help of behavioural simulations produced using the VTS Editor authoring software.

Serious Factory raises €3 million to pursue its commercial development in the professional training market

Serious Factory, publisher of Virtual Training Suite™ (VTS), has just completed its second round-table with Odyssée Venture and other historical investors including the Paris Region Venture Fund managed by CapDecisif Management and SIBESSOR2/INVESTESSOR. The French company plans to use this investment to expand its pedagogical experts and sales teams in-order to consolidate its position as world leader in behavioural simulations.

Serious Factory opens a new office in Israel

Serious Factory, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, continues its international expansion in Israel with the opening of a new office. After Morocco, Canada, and the United States, this is the fourth office that Serious Factory has opened in less than two years.

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