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Transmitting knowledge to everyone and especially to those who have limited access to it: this is one of the challenges facing companies today and the issue addressed by Serious Factory with its innovative educational solutions.


Serious Factory and BPI Group co-design behavioural simulations to develop technical and soft skills through training

The two firms have used their expertise in Human Resources to boost on-site training sessions for a major global aerospace group, with the help of behavioural simulations produced using the VTS Editor authoring software.


Serious Factory raises €3 million to pursue its commercial development in the professional training market

Serious Factory, publisher of Virtual Training Suite™ (VTS), has just completed its second round-table with Odyssée Venture and other historical investors including the Paris Region Venture Fund managed by CapDecisif Management and SIBESSOR2/INVESTESSOR. The French company plans to use this investment to expand its pedagogical experts and sales teams in-order to consolidate its position as world leader in behavioural simulations.


Serious Factory opens a new office in Israel

Serious Factory, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, continues its international expansion in Israel with the opening of a new office. After Morocco, Canada, and the United States, this is the fourth office that Serious Factory has opened in less than two years.


Serious Factory attends CES with VR Serious Gaming

Expert in immersive learning, Serious Factory presents a solution to create serious games in VR through drag-and-drop.


Serious Factory launches version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software

Allowing users to design simulators and Serious Games in record time, Serious Factory is releasing version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software onto the Digital Learning market.


“Serious Factory is enhancing its authoring software VTS Editor by integrating new high-quality synthetic voices” is locked Serious Factory is enhancing its authoring software VTS Editor by integrating new high-quality synthetic voices

Serious Factory is announcing the integration of ReadSpeaker speech synthesis technology to meet the growing need for innovative and immersive learning within the context of increasingly realistic training.


Serious Factory improves the user and learning experience with version 2.3 of its VTS Editor authoring software

Serious Factory announces the release of version 2.3 of VTS Editor, its authoring software for the design of value-added digital learning modules (e.g. serious immersive games, realistic simulations).


Serious Factory and Manpower France are co-constructing innovative educational tools with the VTS Editor authoring software

In order to easily and simply design realistic simulations, Serious Factory has implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Manpower France.


Serious Factory is pleased to announce the release of the 2.2 version of its VTS Editor authoring software

Fully answering the needs of training and HR organizations both functionally and for the quality of produced simulations, Serious Factory now offers new interaction solutions with learners and enhances user experience.


Serious Factory revisits behavioural training with version 2.1 of VTS Editor™, its authoring software

Among the many additions and improvements in this version, we now notice the availability of the Mac version of the software, or the manual and precise management of avatars facial emotions, customisable at any time in the educational scenario.


Serious Factory announces the release of its VTS Editor™ authoring software, designed to develop training simulators

After an intensive industrialization phase with its customers and partners, Serious Factory is releasing the authoring version of its Virtual Training Suite™ (VTS) software.


New strategic partnership between MOS – MindOnSite and Serious Factory

MOS – MindOnSite, creator of learning environment, signs a new partnership with Serious Factory, editor of immersive simulators for Digital Learning. Together, they deploy an integrated, innovative and fully customisable solution dedicated to the training of internal and external sales forces.


Serious Factory continues to develop in Canada in partnership with Novaconcept

Serious Factory and Novaconcept have just signed a partnership agreement to target the online training market in Canada. Together, the simulation developer and the e-learning design specialist aim to accelerate the digital transformation of professional training to improve employee performance.


Software developer Serious Factory raises 1 million euros to expand commercial activities in the professional training and development market

Serious Factory, the software company who developed Virtual Training Suite™, has recently completed a Series A round. The French start-up plans to use this investment to expand its sales team in order to more heavily market its professional training software.

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