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What’s VTS Editor ?

VTS Editor is a software designed to make learning more engaging and memorable.

Example scene in VTS Editor with characters

Professional training is very often perceived as a chore by employees. That's why it is essential to foster the joy of learning within the company. By creating gamified educational experiences, you increase learner engagement.

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How can VTS Editor improve
your current training courses ?

Increase learner engagement by integrating gamification mechanics and by making your training courses more attractive and stimulating.

Allow your clients to develop skills online by creating realistic scenarios to train and let learners practice.

Bring your training to life with 3D characters and create animated dialogues with just a few clicks. You can deploy on all types of devices: Smartphone, Tablet, PC, and VR.

Increase retention by creating realistic scenarios and promoting learning
through trial and error.

Turn your training courses into captivating experiences through storytelling by developing various branching scenarios.

Develop immersive learning experiences with 360‑degree environments or virtual reality to sustain the learners' interest.

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