Level 3 training

Personalize the learners’ experience with variables in VTS Editor

In a training journey which aims at improving your learners’ retention rate, offer pedagogical content adapted to their needs. Encourage them to develop their skills through training, through the creation of unique, fully personalized and replayable experiences. Design mini-games and adapt the flow of your scenarios to the learner’s choice in your experiments with the advanced use of VTS Editor variables.

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Duration of the training

A diagnosis interview (30 minutes) and 3 training sessions of 1h30

Training objectives

– Know and be able to use all the functionalities of the VTS Editor variables;
– Use VTS Editor variables to closely follow the increase of skills of your learners;
– Use VTS Editor variables to customize the learners’ experience.

Training Program

– Reminder of level 2 training (flags) and use of the new Variables blocks;
– Impacts of variables in interaction blocks (focus on clickable areas);
– Variable functions and integration of variables in an existing scenario.

Who is this training for?

– Educational designers, Digital Learning project managers, Digital Learning integrators, Digital Learning developers, etc.
– Any person with a technical insight wanting to familiarize with VTS Editor variables and impacted advanced features.

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Interested in this training?
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At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

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