Level 1 training

Hands on VTS Editor

Develop the know-how and interpersonal skills of your learners by creating your first pedagogical scenarios using VTS Editor, through adapted training exercises and progressive mastering of the tool.

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Duration of the training

A diagnosis interview (30 minutes) and 6 training sessions of 1h30

Training objectives

– Know and be able to use all the features of the SILVER pack of the authoring software VTS Editor;
– Use VTS Editor to create immersive simulations yourself;
– Learn and use our instructional design and screewriting methodologies;
– Know and use tips and tricks for gamification with VTS Editor;
– Choose, assemble and deploy VTS Experiences on different platforms (LMS, mobile, Web…).

Training Program

– Hands-on first use of the software;
– Advanced gamification through clickable zones;
– Details of the use of technical blocks («flags», «counters»…);
– Instructional design and screenwriting methodologies;
– Personal coaching for the realization of the first VTS Experience in autonomy;
– Deployment and tracking with VTS Editor.

Who is this training for?

– Educational designers, people in charge of training, educational engineers, Digital Learning project managers, training managers, etc.

– Any person in charge of training, with the goal to implement training experiences to their training paths.

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Interested in this training?
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At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

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