Level 2 Training

VTS Editor – Level 2

VTS Editor – Level 2

This training concerns the author software VTS Editor, which is part of the Virtual Training Suite.

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Duration of the training

2 days

Training objectives

Acquire greater technical competence with VTS Editor to improve the quality of your VTS experiences by learning new design tools and methods.
Improve its design of immersive experiences by integrating learner-customized elements into simulations designed with VTS Editor, as well as clickable visual elements.

Training Program

– Presentation of the flags ecosystem and clickable areas in VTS Editor
– Presentation of the functionalities of the Flag and Check Flag blocks
– Use of flags in conjunction with other technical blocks
– Presentation of the functionalities and practice of clickable areas
– Technical production methodology

Who is this training for?

Educational designers, Digital Learning project managers, Digital Learning integrators, Digital Learning developers, etc.
Anyone who wants to be autonomous in using VTS Editor to design and integrate VTS Experiences.

Financing of training

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Interested in this training?
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At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

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