Serious Factory and Manpower France are co-constructing innovative educational tools with the VTS Editor authoring software

In order to easily and simply design realistic simulations, Serious Factory has implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Manpower France. Using an agile design process, Manpower's business experts and training managers, along with Serious Factory's education and gamification experts, have developed three immersive Digital Learning modules using the VTS Editor authoring software.



Communicating and raising awareness of new situations

The expectations of companies vis-à-vis candidates and temporary workers are changing. In order to facilitate their integration into the company and develop their employability, adaptability and skills to better meet clients’ expectations using new technologies linked to training, three immersive Digital Learning modules were created via co-construction between Serious Factory and Manpower. The aim being to enable temporary workers on CDII contracts to train and prepare themselves in different professional contextssays Thierry Vaudelin, Talent and Temporary Contracts Manager at Manpower.

The first scenario puts the learner in the middle of a warehouse where they will be placed in a dialogue situation with various company staff. The second offers discussion situations in an open space. The last one helps them to prepare for a professional interview.

Co-construction in agile mode with VTS Editor authoring software

Defining the situations to be mastered constitutes a major challenge, because they are not modelled in advance. In this context, integrating field experts, human resources, legal services and sponsors upstream is necessary to be able to create the ideal attitudes. This makes it possible to get all stakeholders to define their expectations so they can be embodied in concrete situations. Using the VTS Editor authoring software, it was possible to formalise the expected behaviours and those to be avoided, to model and then refine them in a definitive version. This methodology, with successive iterations has saved considerable time and achieved a very convincing result in just four workshops.

Equipped with VTS Editor licences, the co-construction between the experts from Serious Factory and Manpower made it possible to create these high-added-value “simulation” type educational tools with speed and agility. Serious Factory specifically designed the VTS Editor authoring software to meet these challenges. With VTS Editor, Manpower was able to successively enrich its training courses with realistic simulations in a cooperative and efficient way.

Serious Factory has entered into a co-construction project with Manpower by integrating business experts and the strategic management into the design process. For Sylvie SIMON, Head of Mission at Manpower, “co-design with the VTS Editor authoring software has made it possible to better formalise the content and to prototype and iterate in agile mode to deliver immersive modules fully in line with the expectations of all the stakeholders.