Serious Factory at CES 2018: Key step in our internationalization strategy!

Serious Factory took part in CES 2018 Las Vegas from January 9 to 12 to promote its pedagogical innovations to US consumers, but also to all the foreigners who made the move there. Throwback of our American Journey to show the world how Serious Factory and VTS Editor will change the way people train and practice!

Serious Factory presents its Authoring Software on the international stage

In an interview led by French Media OUACHTV (video in French), William Peres was offered the opportunity to explain the value-added brought by Serious Factory’s pedagogical solutions: “We aim to design relevant and engaging training solutions to develop learner’s soft skills and automatisms” Serious Factory also proposes a unique approach to designing Serious Games and Simulations called “Co-design” to create rapidly and cost efficiently pedagogical scenarios including virtual characters in an immersive environment. Thanks to our authoring software VTS Editor, the scenarios, based on the fundamentals of Serious Games and simulations, allow the learners to develop their competencies by training regularly through realistic simulations the closest to their real everyday life.


Serious Factory presents its Authoring Software on the international stage
Patrick Gadat, our Digital Learning Expert, presents our authoring software VTS Editor to a major actor of the international stage.

A software fitting the training needs of every actor on the market

William PERES specifies “VTS Editor addresses key accounts willing to internalise the design of training programs and practice tools, but also to training organizations who wish to diversify or differentiate their offers by completing their classroom-based approach with virtual coaching.” Organizations thus complete their training programs by adding the missing link “practice” thanks to the simulations designed with VTS Editor. “The whole corporate world is interested in this tool, because no coding or graphical competencies are needed anymore to design qualitative Serious Games. At no point a single line of code is needed” adds William PERES.


CES 2018: Key step in the international development of Serious Factory

For its first participation at CES, Serious Factory met a strong interest from the international press by showing how easy it is to create a Virtual Reality (VR) version of a scenario. Find out in the video below the whole design process, from the creative idea to the definitive version that can be experienced in a VR helmet. Immersion guaranteed!

Serious Factory is ready to convince the American companies with a localised version of its authoring tool, easing the design of simulations even more. In order to pursue its development, Serious Factory opened an office in San Francisco, supported by the R&D department of the headquarters in France. We aim to develop and enhance the software to fit the local needs and usages in term of training.

With a strong and constant support from Region Ile-de-France and Europe via the European Fund of regional development (FEDER), Serious Factory is confident in its internationalization and will keep on investing to innovate in the educational and training field.


William PERES, our CEO, in the company of Valérie PECRESSE, President of the Regional Council Ile-de-France