Serious Factory and BPI Group co-design behavioural simulations to develop technical and soft skills through training

Serious Factory, a pioneer in innovative educational solutions, and BPI Group, a leader in human resources consulting, have established a partnership to offer their clients innovative educational packages to develop the skills of their trainees. The two firms have used their expertise in Human Resources to boost on-site training sessions for a major global aerospace group, with the help of behavioural simulations produced using the VTS Editor authoring software.



Developing the soft skills of top managers

In addition to technical skills, organisations have understood the importance of soft skills. These are increasingly necessary in the day-to-day lives of managers, who have to demonstrate listening, analysis and communication skills in managing their teams on a daily basis. BPI Group provides its expertise in this area and notably supports a global aerospace group in training its top managers in soft skills. In face-to-face sessions, BPI Group proposed virtual simulations that illustrated real cases to raise awareness in top managers of good practices and to develop correct responses.

Training simulators to boost on-site learning

Defining the approaches to be mastered is a major challenge because they are not established in advance. In this context, BPI Group worked with the global aerospace group’s business experts to imagine ideal attitudes. The simulators thus created using the VTS Editor authoring software allowed the theory to be put into practice and the learning process to be contextualized during on-site training sessions.

According to Elisabeth Roux, Leadership & Talent Manager at BPI Group, ‘Thanks to virtual characters who interact with the training facilitator and trainees, the sessions are truly interactive and dynamic. The result is that trainees are more involved and committed.’ Magali Vives, Senior International Consultant at BPI Group also points out, ‘Serious Factory’s awareness of technical constraints is a major plus of our collaboration. Being able to provide an offline training experience on digital tablets has been a real added value, made possible by the VTS Player application. This has allowed trainers to make the most of an interactive and collaborative approach so as to liaise with the whole group.

Equipped with VTS Editor licenses, BPI Group’s experts have been able to offer high value-added ‘simulation’-type educational packages with speed and agility. Serious Factory has specially designed the VTS Editor authoring software as a response to these issues. In a cooperative and efficient way, with VTS Editor, BPI group has been able to enhance its training sessions with realistic, engaging and effective simulations.



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