Serious Factory awarded at the 2018 Digital Excellence Awards for its innovations in Education

In partnership with the Lycée Polyvalent Albert de Mun, Serious Factory won first prize in the "Digital Learning Excellence Awards" in the Education category. This award is a perfect example of best practices for easily implementing the reverse class using VTS Editor authoring software and virtual simulation.

The Digital Learning Excellence Awards: a competition that rewards the richness of educational systems

The Digital Learning Excellence Awards, co-organized by Cegos and AEF, aim to promote systems that reflect the richness and diversity of digital and mixed training now deployed in the world of business and education. The jury chaired by Frédérique Giavarini selected more than 120 projects in three categories: Education, Corporate and Business. In the Education category, Serious Factory and Lycée Polyvalent Albert De Mun received the first prize.

A participatory training system, first step towards the reverse class.

Albert de Mun High School is this year the winner in the category “best education training device” with a Serious Game “Sales situation” produced with VTS Editor and aimed at its students in the final year of high school and second pro in commerce. This digital module, accessible from both a computer and a smartphone, is designed to be used in parallel with classroom training with a teacher.

The jury was particularly impressed by the participatory approach of this project, which is similar to the reverse class. This Serious Game was first developed by senior high school students assisted by their teachers. In a second step, these same students positioned themselves as coaches or trainers to teach second-grade students how to build such devices. This creates a dynamic of exchanges and sharing between students and encourages their general involvement.

A point of honour was also given to the quality of the debriefing and feedback given to the students. The evaluation of the final year students by their teachers focused on the development phase of the game, in particular their ability to imagine and present in their productions simulated communication situations, relevant and varied sales interviews. For second year students, teachers evaluate the transfer of knowledge during their internship visits, in the presence of the tutor.

A powerful authoring tool for pedagogical excellence

The choice of the Serious Game and an authoring tool such as VTS Editor allowed the students of the Albert De Mun High School to be trained in conditions close to the reality on the ground, thanks in particular to the realistic characters and immersive sets provided in the software. Anchored in the reality of companies, these students are better prepared to face the challenges that await them.

Finally, this award clearly demonstrates the promise of the authoring tool VTS Editor: to be able to create high value-added training systems, without technical or graphic skills.

If you also want to set up Serious Game activities in your school, you can download the free trial version of VTS Editor at following link