Rmsconf: 1 minute to convince a jury about the efficiency of Virtual Training Suite for your HR policy

Thanks to your support and votes, Serious Factory was a finalist for the must-see #Rmsconf! The final of the event brought together many professionals from the world of human resources around the theme: "Work or Employment, who will win? ». It was also an opportunity for Serious Factory to present its VTS Editor solution for recruitment and employer branding! A look back at the key steps that made this event a great success.

From 75 participants to the grand finale in 4 minutes of pitch

Four pre-selection stages led Serious Factory to the final.

From 75 to 40: Application form

The competition begins with the writing of a dossier describing the added value of our solution for the human resources world.

From 40 to 11: The Voice B2B

A selection test reminiscent of the famous reality TV show “The Voice”. Each entrepreneur pitches a jury of professionals… from behind! If one of them turns around after the presentation, he or she becomes the company’s coach to guide them through the next steps. In parallel, a like campaign was held to determine the most successful solutions with the public.

From 11 to 5: 3 minutes to convince!

Followed by the coaches who selected them, the entrepreneurs had 3 minutes to convince a jury. 3 minutes to explain the added value of their solutions is not much, but it is a challenge for us.

Top 5: 1 minute to convince!

For this final round, the finalists had one minute to convince! A very intense but successful challenge for William Peres, our President and CEO.

The competition was then followed by various workshops, case studies and case-camps in order to exchange advice and best practices between Human Resources professionals.

1 minute to convince: Serious Factory promotes 3D simulation for Human Resources

Marie-Pierre Fleury and William Peres pitch the final

Coached by Marie-Pierre Fleury, Canden’s Human Resources Director, several weeks of preparation were necessary to reach the final.

We invite you to take a look at the pitch of our Chairman and CEO William Peres, who convinced a large number of HR and training decision-makers. Will you be the next one?

“When you recruit someone for a position, what’s the most important thing? What is written on his CV, or what he actually knows how to do?
Take the case of a sales representative,
– To recruit them, you must first assess their sales skills and interpersonal skills
– Once hired, you have to train them in your products and your sales method…
– And to make him a cador then, you have to train him regularly!
So, as this process is so far long, complex and expensive, Serious Factory has developed Virtual Training Suite.
This highly intuitive software allows you to create, deploy and update virtual work experience scenarios with a few clicks.
And to measure the effectiveness of your devices, you even have qualitative indicators, when other technologies on the market stop at quantity.
In 3 times less time, and 5 times less expensive, you evaluate, train and train your employees on all the professions and skills of your company.
See you soon to discover Virtual Training Suite.”

And besides, we suggest you to try VTS Editor right away thanks to its free trial version.