Serious Factory turns a page in its history and presents its new visual identity

As the primary vehicle for communication with our community, our visual identity reflects our aspirations, our inspiration and also our values. Changing it is a major step in the life of a company. Serious Factory is proud to present you its new logo and the atmosphere that goes with it!

You may have already noticed on our website or on our various social networks (Twitter or LinkedIn), Serious Factory has recently changed its logo and graphic charter. This new visual identity is a necessary evolution to reflect our current dynamics and our continuous desire to offer the most efficient and intuitive authoring tool on the market.

Animation of our new logo in video

Serious Factory has been redesigned, so has VTS Editor!

To celebrate this event, VTS Editor is also evolving! 10 characters from the new generations have mysteriously* appeared in your application since the last update. Improved textures for more realism, emotions and expressive body language… Enjoy it now!

*More information will be provided shortly!